Melvin Benzaquen is a veteran of the classic car restoration industry

Posted by Admin | October 30th, 2013

The collection and restoration of classic cars is a massive activity in the United States. Many people take on the activity thinking it will be a fun side-project, a hobby that they can do in their spare time. For a variety of reasons, it often turns out to be less fun or less easy than they assumed it would be. It is often promoted as a hobby that is fun, which is certainly true, but it can be a lot of work as well. People are attracted to restoration of classic cars because these are automobiles that are aesthetically attractive as well as high performance on the road.

It is the difficulty of classic car restoration that causes issues for people, as well as the time consuming nature of the task. It is not as easy as many people at first assume. It can be a frustrating endeavor in many ways, unfortunately. For this reason, or simply because they want the job to be done more professionally, many people seek help from someone like Melvin Benzaquen.

Melvin Benzaquen is a veteran of the classic car restoration industry. He understands what is needed when it comes to each individual car restoration project and knows how to accomplish exactly what clients want from a restoration project. Melvin Benzaquen runs Classic Restoration Enterprise, which is a garage that specializes in the restoration of all types of classic cars. Every single car that comes through that garage is overseen by Melvin Benzaquen, to make sure that the job is being done the right way.